80’s Music Acts

Its the 80’s that means party time. We have some great 80’s music acts to choose from. It’s  time to dance, dress, party like your at your old school prom. This was the decade of men wearing makeup as well as woman and “looking good”. Its when big hair was in and bigger shoulder pads, sleeves rolled up and Miami Vice was every boys dream to be part of. While the boys had their dream so did the girls of being part of Fame, leg warmers were in and bolder the better. Please don’t forget the white stiletto and the very large mobile phone. Ahh yes the 80’s has a lot to answer for.

We have a portfolio of 80’s  music acts 

It’s time to get back there, come on this is a high energy show and our choice of acts have all that you would be looking for for a fantastic 100 mile a hour show or event. Its the era of Wham, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Meat Loaf, and Katchagoogoo and girls it was Bananarama, Whitney and Cyndi Lauper…. So girls just wanna have fun while the boys Relax.

These acts can be complimented with a 80’s Disco and lighting can also be provided.