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Singing Waiters is an amazing add on to your weddings and events across the UK.

This is the best Singing Waiters act – The Amazing Singing Waiters have taken a dated concept and vamped it into something magical. You have the option of classical, modern, funny, West End or some of the choices our artists can sing.  

The UK’s most exciting Singing Waiters experience!

We provide ‘undercover’ performers to appear at your event, posing as anything from waiters, chefs or guests, to police officers or firemen! These artists will then work at your event, you will not even know they are not employees. Then the fun starts when your guests do not expect it. They burst into song and really get your party started!


The Amazing Singing Waiters are top professional performers, who give stunning and electrifying renditions of classic and contemporary pop, soul, swing or rock. Everything from The Beatles, Queen and Abba, through to Take That or Bruno Mars. We work with you to build your bespoke scenario and then let these secret superstars do their thing! As mentioned we can customise any event to fit your needs.

So, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, product launch or function, you can surprise your guests with some truly unique and memorable entertainment with fun, laughter and fantastic singing. The video attached says it all.

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